“New Business Success Planning”

Self-start your own business, then manage and grow it…

“Discover how to use an innovative methodology to start, manage and grow your own business”

Dear Would-Be Business Owner,

It is seldom easy to start your own business unless you have done it before and learned some lessons. From the apparently simplest home-based business to the more complex manufacturing operation, you need to go through certain activities even before you start to put pen on paper.


You could do it the hard and often expensive way. You could:


• read up on a lot of free materials;
• buy many books on the subject;
• go to many free or paid business seminars;
• watch several videos;
• seek advice from friends and associates;
• try using different business models;
• even hire an expensive consultant.


After all these, you may still end up confused, not knowing how, when and with what to start. So you need to ask, “How long and how much will it cost in time, money and effort?”  However, there are people who devote their time and effort to research, compile useful information, develop and put together amazing information products to make things easier and less stressful for people like you.


The New Business Success Planning” Workshop-in-a-Book® handbook is one such product. It is unique in that it has a 3-in-1 capability to help you to start, manage and grow your new business. It is innovative in that it uses our Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology specially designed to produce outcomes. Whether you wish to be a sole trader, a home-based business or a small manufacturer, it will provide answers to the what, how, when, where and why. These answers will help you choose the best approach to starting and seeing the new business succeed. You do it in your own time, at your own pace, anywhere and at minimal cost. So what is this methodology?


What is the Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology?


As the name implies, the Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology simulates a workshop seminar situation but goes further. You do not have to physically attend a workshop seminar, be given almost blank worksheets and frantically taking down notes to keep up with the presenter. The methodology does it all. It leads you from beginning to end, with guides and examples and in logical sequence leading to action-oriented results.


The actual process itself is in six stages, designed to give you answers. It takes three to five hours maximum, depending on what new business you are starting.


Stage 1: This assesses personal suitability; gives a business overview; sets main business objectives and exit plan.
Stage 2: This does ‘needs’ analyses of what you need to have or do and covers all important aspects of the new business, just like you would do with an existing business. Checklists, relevant questions, tables, guides and examples will produce issues for establishing (setting up) and operating (managing and growing) the new business.
Stage 3: This develops action plans to address establishment issues and implementing them to set up the new business.
Stage 4: This develop action plans to address operational issues and implementing them to manage and grow the new business.
Stage 5: This involves cash flow estimates and financial forecasts critical to the start-up phase.
Stage 6: This involves writing and reviewing the New Business Plan


What are the outcomes from using the Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology?


After you have been through the process, addressed questions and identified establishment and operational issues for action, you will:


 have a valuable database of information you are looking for;
 be able to develop a solid blueprint to start, manage and grow the new business;
 have avoided costly mistakes at start-up that many make;
 have the  right information to develop other plans and make submissions;
 have acquired skills and knowledge that you never had before;
 be able to use your expertise repeatedly as your business grows;
 be able to easily apply the process to more new businesses.

The New Business Success Planning handbook was very useful in two instances: producing a comprehensive New Business Plan for a ferry service and a formal submission to the Fijian Development Bank for seed capital. Being a Fijian national, I was in a position to take advantage of preferential treatment by the Fijian government. Upon approval I’ll be buying a catamaran in Cairns and setting up office in Lautoka, Fiji.

– U. Browne (Managing Director), Wy Yung, Vic, Australia. 


What are the benefits of using the “New Business Success Planning” handbook?


A handbook like this would have many pages, as one might think. Experience told us clients just don’t have time and patience to go through anything more than 40 pages. With the Workshop-in-a-Book® methodology we reduced a 67-page workbook to just 25 pages. By retaining the key components and pertinent contents, a highly focused, action-oriented and dynamic handbook was produced.


Now the handbook is:

 ready for immediate use – saves time;
for repeated use – saves money;
ready to produce valuable information – result oriented;
self-directed from easy start to finish – methodical;
portable, can be taken anywhere and used anytime – convenient;
adaptable to many different offline business types and sizes – flexible;
devoid of irrelevant information and words – uncluttered.

All for the price of just $27!


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As a single mum I wanted to work from home distributing facial skin care products to beauty salons and home-based beauticians. The New Business Success Planninghandbook was a great help in getting me started and operating. The planning session was done at my convenience and at my home. I also get ongoing support after the Plan was completed.

– S. Nguyen (home-based sole trader), North Ryde, NSW, Australia.



With your purchase of New Business Success Planning” you will also get these easy-to-digest, one-page new business tips that are included in the Appendix:



  1. 1.     Growing pains in new business – many go into business without being fully prepared, among which are knowing your customers, seeking good advice, solid planning, positive cash flows and systems in place.


  1. 2.     Sales generating tips – several tips in a sales interview involving preparation, presentation and closing.


  1. 3.     Networking – on how to build long-term relationships with like-minded business people to widen your circle of connections.


  1. 4.     Profit multiplierfive areas in your business that will generate significant profit through the multiplier effect.


  1. 5.     Sales Process – a four-stage process that involves prospecting, preparing, presenting and appraising


  1. 6.     Prospecting – the first step in the sales process that involves segmenting your prospects, using proven techniques and monitoring results.


  1. 7.     Sales lead generation methods – several proven ways of generating sales leads.


  1. 8.     Sales lead generation monitor – a simple format for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the lead generation methods you use.


Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your New Business Training Programme. At times I thought that writing all the detail in the handbook was not really necessary as it was “in my head”. Mistake No 1. The more research and attention to detail, the better grounding you have in knowing what business you are getting into. And by writing it down, I was getting clarity in what I was doing. It all came together in the writing of the business plan. The handbook has all the prompts that give you the tools to drill into the areas appropriate to your project. I would recommend this course to anyone contemplating starting a new business. It will give you better grounding to ensure that your new business is a success.

-Michael Said
(Owner – Procurement and
logistic supply chain services)
Sydney, NSW.


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    keep the one-page business improvement tips.


Your copy of “New Business Success Planning” handbook and free one-page new business tips will be instantly available for download once your $27 purchase is paid and approved.


We cannot promise you will succeed in your new business. Success depends on you and your effort that we have no control over.  It depends on your experience, perseverance, motivation  and passion. Whether or how you use this tool and information to succeed is entirely up to you.


However, we can guarantee you this. If within 60 days you are not completely satisfied with what we claim the handbook can do for you, we will refund your money. You still get to keep the new business tips with our compliments.


Good luck with your new business venture!

Elvan Tong


(Elvan is the author of several business improvement books, including a textbook entitledUnderstanding Marketing Research, published by Pearson Prentice Hall for students of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges throughout Australia and overseas).