Discover how the Workshop-in-a Book® series of five essential business tools can help you work on your business



My name is Elvan. I started Benbon Business Improvement, a business consultancy in Sydney, Australia in 1998, after having worked for British, Australia and American companies for over 30 years. BBI specialises in continuous business improvement. What does this mean?


Continuous means ongoing improvement, not just a one-off solution or improvement.


Business means the whole business, not just a part or parts of it.


Improvement means improvement in all areas of the business, not just in sales or profit.


The process must involve critically looking for and acting on unrealized strengths, apparent weaknesses, hidden opportunities and perceived threats, within and around the business. Addressing each critical issue successfully means an improvement. When you have addressed more critical issues successfully, the improvement is continuous. Sales, profits, efficiency, competency, and so on will improve, the value of the business will increase. This is the essence of working on your business rather than in it.


So what are the five essential business tools that guarantee to help you achieve continuous business improvement?


“Continuous Business Improvement Planning” handbook


This 20-page handbook uses a Workshop-in-a Book® methodology that analyses the whole business by going through the planning process only once. It helps you to identify critical elements in the business for continuous improvement. For this to happen, the planning process must involve some soul searching and unbiased objective thinking, and on accurate information.


A business is like a motor vehicle with many essential working parts. For it to function to peak performance, each part must work well. As you fine-tune or make minor adjustments or improvements, over time your vehicle is perfect, problem-free. The destination (objective) is not a concern, getting there trouble-free is.


“Sales and Marketing Excellence Planning” handbook


This 19-page handbook also uses a Workshop-in-a Book® methodology that specifically analyses the sales and marketing aspects of the business. You also go through the planning process only once.


The planning process will produce very valuable information about your selling and marketing imperatives that you probably never had before. Acting on such information will take your business to successive new heights …. continuous improvement.


“New Business Success Planning” handbook



This very useful 25-page handbook has a 3-in-1 capability to help you set up, manage and then grow your new business. Be it a sole trader, home-based business or a small manufacturer, the process will produce answers to help you make the right choice.


Starting a new business absolutely requires good research and thorough planning to avoid costly mistakes upfront and later on. The planning process should involve all essential areas of the new business, just like for an existing and successful business. It will invariably produce a lot of valuable information, for setting it up, operating it and seeing it grow.


Continuous improvement can then be achieved once the business has reached existing business status.


“How To Conduct Marketing Research” book


This 45-page book is another tool to help achieve continuous improvement. Every business needs to find answers to problems or just useful information in order to grow and thrive. In order to do this, research by any means or form is essential.


The 7-step process takes you through from defining and clarifying the problem, determining the research design to collecting data and analyzing them to form conclusions. When you act on the research findings, you are in fact achieving improvement in the business.


“How To Introduce New Products” book


This 30-page book uses a disciplined 3-phase process that maximises the chance of success of new product or service introductions. Many failures occur through using a shotgun approach. The process asks many questions in order to validate a proposal, evaluate it and then implement its introduction to the marketplace.


New products or services are the lifeblood of any business and should be handled with great care to avoid costly mistakes. Each successful introduction is an improvement for the business, in the form of sales, profit, market share, exposure, reputation, and so on.


If you are operating an existing business or thinking of starting a new one, find out how the Workshop-in-a-Book® series of handbooks can help. Click a link of your choice below …..